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Элизабет Гутьерез/ Elizabeth Gutierrez

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Elizabeth Gutierrez was born in Panorama city California United States to Mexican parents. She has 6 sisters and 1 brother and she is the youngest child. She moved to Pegueros Jalisco, Mexico when she was five years old to go to school. She then returned to the United States at ten years old.[citation needed]

Elizabeth participated in the reality show Protagonistas de Novela 2. She also appeared as a model on the program "The Price is Right." Her first telenovela is Olvidarte Jamas, under Venevision International, where she worked with William Levy, with whom she later had a child.[citation needed]
[edit] Personal life

Elizabeth and Levy gave birth to there second child on March 6, 2010, a healthy baby girl named Kailey Alexandra Levy Gutierrez. This is the second child for Elizabeth and her partner, Cuban actor William Levy (actor) the first being Christopher Alexander.[1]
[edit] Filmography

She debuted in 2005 in Olvidarte Jamas as Isabela, one of the main villains. She left the production 12 episodes before its end due to pregnancy. She obtained the role of Paola the next year in Acorralada, but after receiving the leading role in Amor Comprado, she left the production 67 episodes prior its final. In 2007, debuted as the main lead in Amor Comprado. Even though the novela didn't do as well as its predecesors, it brought Elizabeth a little fame. In 2008, she took again the female lead in the Telemundo production El Rostro de Analia which is to date her second most successful work. The novela was broadcast in more than 50 countries, being one of Telemundo's most popular telenovelas and brought Elizabeth worldwide recognition. The next year, she played one of the villains in the fifth remake of Corazón Salvaje. The novela was a disappointment, but established Elizabeth as one of the highlights of the television due to the critical aclaim her performance received. Her most recent appearance is in El Fantasma de Elena, her third role as a lead. Even though the novela slightly underperformed in USA, it became a major success worldwide and her most successful work to date, having been sold in 70 countries.

She has recently filmed the pilot for Amar de Nuevo, but rejected the role in favour of taking a break from acting.





Родилась 1 апреля 1979 года в  Лос-Анжелесе, США. Живет в гражданском браке с актером Ульемом Леви, у них двое детей: старший сын и дочка, родившаяся в марте 2010 года.

"Призрак Элены" / El Fantasma de Elena (2010)- Элена Лаффе

el rostro de analía" (2008-2009)/ Лицо Аналии .... Лусия Монкада/Мариана Андраде (Монтьель)/Ана Ривера

"fotonovela (2008)  .... Мелани

"amor comprado" ....Мариана

"acorralada"/ "Загнанная" .... Паола

"olvidarte jamás" .... Исабелла

"jugar a ganar" (2004) tv series

"protagonistas de novela 2" (2003) tv series .... contestant


Вы здесь » » Актрисы сериалов » Элизабет Гутьерез/ Elizabeth Gutierrez