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Отредактировано Carlos A. Ponce Freyre (2011-05-01 12:20:22)



Cast (in credits order)
Karen Disher ... Mother Bird (voice)
Jason Fricchione ... Truck Driver (voice)
Sofia Scarpa Saldanha ... Young Linda (voice)

Leslie Mann ... Linda (voice)

Kelly Keaton ... Bookstore Customer / Lady Tourist (voice)

Jesse Eisenberg ... Blu (voice)

Wanda Sykes ... Chloe (The Goose) (voice)

Jane Lynch ... Alice (The Other Goose) (voice)

Rodrigo Santoro ... Tulio / Soccer Announcer (voice)
Gracinha Leporace ... Dr. Barbosa (voice)

Jamie Foxx ... Nico (voice)

Will i Am ... Pedro (voice) (as

Phil Miler ... Aviary Intern / Waiter (voice)

Anne Hathaway ... Jewel (voice)

Bernardo de Paula ... Sylvio / Kipo (voice)

Carlos Saldanha ... Second Waiter (voice)
Renato D'Angelo ... Police Officer (voice)

Carlos Ponce ... Marcel (Lead Smuggler) (voice)
Jeffrey Garcia ... Tipa (Heavy Smuggler) / Bat (voice) (as Jeff Garcia)
Davi Vieira ... Armando (Tall Smuggler) (voice)

Jake T. Austin ... Fernando (voice)

Jemaine Clement ... Nigel (voice)

Thomas F. Wilson ... Trapped Bird / Screaming Hang Glider (voice) (as Tom Wilson)
Cindy Slattery ... Neurotic Bird (voice)
Justine Warwick ... Scaredy Bird (voice)

George Lopez ... Rafael (voice)

Bebel Gilberto ... Eva (voice)

Judah Friedlander ... Tourist (voice)

Francisco Ramos ... Lead Marmoset (voice)
Tim Nordquist ... Other Hang Glider (voice)
Miriam Wallen ... Green Bird (voice)

Tracy Morgan ... Luiz (voice)
Carlos de Oliveira ... Gate Guard (voice)

Sergio Mendes ... Samba School Director (voice)
Ester Dean ... Boy in Gondola (voice)
Priscilla Avila ... Additional Voices (voice)
Anzolin Borges ... Additional Voices (voice)
Claudia Bretas ... Additional Voices (voice)
Carlinhos Brown ... Additional Voices (voice)

Ubirajara de Castro ... Additional Voices (voice) (as Bira Castro)
Shanti Cordeiro ... Additional Voices (voice)
Alberto Costa ... Additional Voices (voice)
Mario Costa ... Additional Voices (voice)
Wendy Cutler ... Additional Voices (voice) (as Wendy E. Cutler)
Heber Moreira ... Additional Voices (voice)
Flávia de Mellow ... Additional Voices (voice)

Andrea de Oliveira ... Additional Voices (voice)
Matheus dos Santos ... Additional Voices (voice)
Lucas dos Santos ... Additional Voices (voice)
Andrea Ferraz ... Additional Voices (voice)
Marcos Daniel Ferreira ... Additional Voices (voice)
Hanna Frankel ... Additional Voices (voice)
Johnny Gidcomb ... Additional Voices (voice)

Jean Gilpin ... Additional Voices (voice)
Julia Saraiva Gomez ... Additional Voices (voice)

Nicholas Guest ... Additional Voices (voice)

Rif Hutton ... Additional Voices (voice)
Lorrayne Mathias ... Additional Voices (voice)
Julia Kamanchek Lopes ... Additional Voices (voice)
Mikael Mutti ... Additional Voices (voice)
Leo Nobre ... Additional Voices (voice)

Mina Olivera ... Additional Voices (voice)
Bianca Rossini ... Additional Voices (voice)
Julia Scarpa Saldanha ... Additional Voices (voice)
Manoela Scarpa Saldanha ... Additional Voices (voice)

Adriana Souza ... Additional Voices (voice)
Maxwell Wippich ... Additional Voices (voice)

Matthew Wolf ... Additional Voices (voice)




In a jungle near Rio de Janeiro, a baby Spix's Macaw who is unable to fly and several other birds are captured by smugglers and taken to Moose Lake, Minnesota. The box containing the macaw falls to the street and is found by a girl named Linda (Leslie Mann), who names him "Blu". Fifteen years later, Linda lives in a bookstore with Blu (Jesse Eisenberg). Túlio (Rodrigo Santoro), a scientist, tells Linda that Blu is the last male of his species, and he needs to mate with a female to preserve it.
Linda takes Blu to Brazil, where Blu meets a female macaw named Jewel (Anne Hathaway) whom he falls for, but she cares about escaping. The shelter is raided by smugglers, who are let in by the lead smuggler's Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Nigel (Jemaine Clement), who was posing as a sickly bird. Among them is Fernando (Jake T. Austin), a poor, orphaned boy who helps the smugglers to earn money. Blu and Jewel are captured and Nigel explains that he used to be a performing bird on a television program, but was replaced by a parakeet. Out of hatred, Nigel assists smugglers in capturing exotic birds. After he departs, Blu and Jewel escape from confinement. As they flee, Nigel chases them through Rio, and Blu and Jewel get lost in the jungle.
They meet a family of toucans, whose father, Rafael (George Lopez), offers to take them to see his friend Luiz in removing the chain. Rafael attempts to teach Blu to fly, but Blu fails. The group meets a Red-crested Cardinal named Pedro ( and his canary friend Nico (Jamie Foxx). Meanwhile, Nigel enlists the aid of a group of thieving marmosets and their king Mauro (Brian Baumgartner), to find Blu and Jewel. Linda and Tulio also try to find Blu, assisted by the repentant Fernando. Pedro and Nico take Blu and Jewel to a bird's samba club, where Blu starts to dance, culminating in a duet with Jewel. They are attacked by the marmosets, but their bird friends, including a Roseate Spoonbill they met at the samba club named Kipo (Bernardo de Paula) fend them off long enough for the five to escape.
Fernando leads Linda and Tulio to the smugglers' hideout, where they learn the criminals plan to use Carnivale as a cover to regain Blu and Jewel and escape. The group meets the bulldog Luiz (Tracy Morgan) who unintentionally uses his drool to release Blu and Jewel. Jewel is overjoyed but Blu is depressed because he still can not fly and they part ways. However, she is captured by Nigel. When Pedro and Nico inform Blu of Jewel's capture, he decides to mount a rescue. Linda and Tulio infiltrate Carnivale by posing as dancers, but Blu, Rafael, Nico, and Pedro are captured by Nigel. Linda and Tulio follow the smugglers, but are too late to stop them from taking off in their plane. During the flight, Blu breaks out of his cage, and they flee except for Jewel, who knows Blu is still scared of flying. Nigel grievously injures Jewel's wing. Blu manages to blast Nigel out of the plane by attaching a fire extinguisher to his leg, and hits the propeller.
Jewel is pushed out of the plane by a cage, and Blu follows her, much to her surprise. She kisses him and Blu is overcome by the rhythm of his heart, and flies, saving himself and Jewel. They return to Linda and Tulio, who attempts to tend to Jewel's hurt wing. Jewel is reluctant at first, but Blu convinces her to trust Tulio.
Sometime later, Linda and Tulio have organized the "Blu Bird Sanctuary", a part of Rio's jungle protected from smugglers. Blu and Linda remain very close, though she also has a relationship with Tulio, and is now living in Rio to help run the Blu Bird Sanctuary along with Fernando. Blu and Jewel are the parents of three chicks. The film ends with a lively song and dance from their friends and family. Nigel survives his encounter, but not without a loss of feathers and is humiliated by Mauro, who is photographing him and the smugglers are sent to jail.




Jesse Eisenberg as Blu, a socially awkward, domesticated, and clumsy Spix's Macaw.
Anne Hathaway as Jewel, a free-spirited Spix's Macaw and Blu's love interest.
George Lopez as Rafael, a Toco Toucan.
Jemaine Clement as Nigel, a sadistic Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and former television actor who helps smugglers.
Jake T. Austin as Fernando, a Brazilian teenage boy who helps Linda find Blu.
Bernardo de Paula as Sylvio, an obese man who is one of the poacher's henchmen/Kipo, a Roseate Spoonbill that helps Blu and Jewel.
Leslie Mann as Linda, Blu's human owner, Tulio's love interest.
Tracy Morgan as Luiz, a bulldog. as Pedro, a rapping Red-crested Cardinal.
Jamie Foxx as Nico, a Yellow Canary with a green and purple striped bottlecap as a hat that loves to samba.
Rodrigo Santoro as Túlio, a human bird scientist and Linda's love interest/Soccer Announcer.
Davi Vieira as Armando, a smuggler.
Wanda Sykes as Chloe, a Canada Goose from Moose Lake.
Chavo Vaynér as Woodpecker
Jane Lynch as Alice, another Canada Goose.
Bebel Gilberto as Eva, a Keel-billed Toucan and Rafael's wife.
Carlos Ponce as Marcel, the lead smuggler and Nigel's owner.
Brian Baumgartner as Mauro, the king of thieving Common marmosets. He wears a paper clip for a ponytail clip, four rings as bracelets on each of his wrists, and a man's gold watch as a belt.
Jason Fricchione as Truck Driver (Uncredited)




The teaser trailer of the film was released online on May 20, 2010 and then premiered a day after with the release of Shrek Forever After. It was also shown in cinemas with select screenings of Toy Story 3, Knight and Day, Despicable Me, Alpha and Omega, and Megamind. The first teaser poster for the film was released four months later. The new trailer was released online on December 8, 2010 and was also shown with Tron: Legacy, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Gulliver's Travels, Yogi Bear, and Gnomeo & Juliet. The final trailer was shown in front of Rango, Hop and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and it was released on April 2, 2011 on YouTube.[citation needed]
On January 27, 2011, Rovio Mobile announced a partnership with 20th Century Fox to promote the film. The game Angry Birds Rio was released in March 2011 on the Android Market and the Apple App Store with 50 levels. Rovio plans to release more levels throughout 2011.[5] A sneak peek for Angry Birds Rio (a golden egg) was available on the original Angry Birds game if the viewers found the secret code in Super Bowl XLV's commercial for Rio which would only be visible upon pausing the commercial and advancing it frame by frame.[citation needed]
The film premiered on March 22, 2011, in a Cinépolis house in Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro, attended by director Carlos Saldanha, its main stars, and musician Sérgio Mendes.[6]
A video game based on the film was released on April 12, 2011 by THQ for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Nintendo DS. It has a Party-genre similar that of the Mario Party series.
Like African Cats, the film also includes a Regular Show short, Mordecai and Rigby: Ringtoneers, shown in some prints of the film in theaters and the Ice Age short, Scrat's Continental Crack-up.
In April 2011, Oreo announced its special edition Oreo cookies with blue cream in promotion of the film. The promotion included stickers inside each package of cookies. Two types of contests were also announced: first, by completing an album of stickers, consumers could win three movie passes and medium snack bar combos; second, by finding winning stickers in packages with prizes including a trip to Rio de Janeiro, backpacks, cinema passes for a year, and 3D glasses. The promotion ends May 30, 2011, or until stock is exhausted.[7] The promotion is available in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.[8]



MPAA rating

In February 2011, the MPAA gave the film a PG rating for "mild off-color humor". After hearing this, it was reported that some of the producers of the film and executives at 20th Century Fox were apparently unhappy with this rating. Fox resubmitted an edited version of the film to the ratings board one month later, and the MPAA changed the film to a G rating.[9] This is only the third time in history this occurrence has happened, after Babe: Pig in the City and Air Bud: Golden Receiver. The reason for the rating change has yet to be stated.[citation needed] Rio is the second Blue Sky film to get a G rating, after Horton Hears a Who!.




Rio has made $89,227,015 in North America, as of April 28, 2011, along with $227,190,676 in other territories, as of April 27, 2011, which totals up to $316,417,691 worldwide, becoming the highest grossing film of 2011 so far, and the first film of 2011 to pass the $300-million mark.[10]
North America
Rio debuted with $39,225,962 during its opening weekend on approximately 6,400 screens at 3,826 theaters. It ranked number one at the box office surpassing the other new wide release, Scream 4, which ranked second.[11] This was the highest-grossing opening weekend so far for a 2011 film.[12] It also scored the largest opening weekend in April for an animated feature, and the fifth largest in April overall.[13] On its second weekend (Easter weekend) it retained first place at the box office, dropping only 33% to $26.3 million, therefore surpassing that weekend's releases, Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family ($25.1 million), Water for Elephants ($16.8 million) and African Cats ($6.0 million), which ranked second, third and sixth respectively.[14]
Other territories
On its first weekend overseas (the weekend before its release in North America) it topped the box office with $54.9 million from 11,714 screens in 72 countries.[15] On its second weekend it earned $55.4 million, still on top of the overseas box office[16] and on its third weekend it remained at the summit of the box office, grossing an estimated $44.3 million. It therefore marked the second movie that succeeded in topping the overseas box office three times in 2011, joining Tangled, although it is the only one that did it on three consecutive weekends.[17]
In Russia, it topped the box office with $11,305,530 during its opening weekend (including weekday previews), surpassing Tangled for the largest all-time opening of a non-sequel animated movie. In Brazil, it grossed a record-breaking $8,349,383, the largest opening weekend of all time in the territory.[18] On its second weekend it earned $7.2 million, falling just 14% from its opening. As of April 17, 2011 it has earned $18,753,027.[19]



Rio has generally received positive reviews from film critics. On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has scored at 73% on the Tomatometer, with an average rating of 6.4 out of 10, based on 127 reviews, with 92 of them being "Fresh" and 35 marked as "Rotten". The consensus given by the website reads "This straightforward movie hits great heights thanks to its colorful visual palette, catchy music, and perfect vocal performances." Most fresh reviews have obtained a score of 3/5 by reviewers.[20] On Metacritic, another review aggregation site, the film has an average score of 65 out of 100, indicating "generally positive reviews".[21]
Entertainment Weekly gives the movie a "mixed" C rating.[22



Theatrical poster with Brazilian release date
Directed by Carlos Saldanha
Produced by John C. Donkin
Bruce Anderson
Chris Wedge
Screenplay by Don Rhymer
Joshua Sternin
Jeffrey Ventimilia
Todd R.Jones
Earl Richey Jones
Story by Carlos Saldanha
Starring Jesse Eisenberg
Anne Hathaway
George Lopez
Music by John Powell
Cinematography Renato Falcão
Editing by Harry Hitner
Studio Blue Sky Studios
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) April 8, 2011 (Brazil)
April 15, 2011 (North America)
Running time 96 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $90 million[1]
Gross revenue $316,417,691[2



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